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Our solutions

YourBI unlocks the power of data-driven decision-making and makes your data analysis-ready!​ We extract data from 50+ software systems, validate it based on 100+ validation checks and transform it to a hospitality-specific data model. We then load the data into Power BI for analysis purposes or into other systems for automation purposes.

Our Solutions

Access to our API Platform 

First, we extract data from 50+ hospitality-specific systems such as PMS, POS, workforce management, kitchen management, purchase, finance and HR software. Our API platform brings all your data together and creates one single source of truth.

Next, we validate the data both technically and functionally based on our 100+ validation checks. Our thorough validation process delivers trustworthy data to every single user every single day.

Access to our datamodel

Once we’ve extracted and validated the data, we transform it to our data model and enrich it with customer-specific business rules. Our integral data warehouse enables you to a) track guest behavior and sales activities across channels, b) link sales activities to related labor and purchase activities and c) align operational and financial data.

On top of our data model, we’ve built operational and financial KPI formulas in DAX. These KPIs are optimized for performance and contain a wide array of features such as built-in dynamic time options, dynamic benchmarking options and conditional formatting.

YourBI | Measures

Custom-made dashboards

Once we’ve transformed the data, we load it into Power BI for analysis purposes. There, our BI consultants, or our customers’ BI teams analyze the data with our 1000+ hospitality-specific KPIs and visualize it with our 150+ dashboard templates.

Our DAX and Power BI libraries enable you to deliver dashboards tailored to the needs of specific users within your organization.


Custom-made intelligent workflows

In addition to loading the transformed data into Power BI for analysis purposes, we also load the data into your financial software for automation purposes. Our intelligent workflows enable you to a) financially process sales, labor and purchase data and b) trigger related billing or payment workflows.

Our architecture employs the same extraction, validation and transformation processes for analytics and automation and avoids costly and unnecessary parallel integrations and workflows.

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