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The Harbour Club

Innovating concepts and business models.

YourBI The Harbour Club Business Intelligence
YourBI The Harbour Club Datagedreven Werken
YourBI The Harbour Club Data
YourBI The Harbour Club Datagedreven Werken


Harbour Group is a leading hospitality group in the fine dining segment.

These are the people that brought New York-style glamour to Amsterdam - and with that, New York-style pricing as well.

However, those Möet & Chandon bottles don't sell themselves and this is where we come in:



"How can we maximize revenue and take our upsell-efforts to the next level?"


Harbour Group likes to take matters into their own hands. Therefore, we gave their data analysts access to our hospitality data model and DAX formulas. Within no time, several highly successful initiatives were born:

Upsell gamification – Introducing upsell challenges has enabled the Harbour Group to motivate employees and increase the average spend.

Dynamic pricing – Introducing dynamic pricing at off-peak times has enabled the Harbour Group to enlarge their fan-base and increase occupancy.

We admire the Harbour Group because we believe we're alike: we both think big and we're both able to leverage data to the fullest with a lean team.

YourBI The Harbour Club Business Intelligence
YourBI The Harbour Club Data


“We’ve always been able to draw a large crowd and we’re especially good at events [such as the Vegas show]. And that’s because we strive for excellence in everything we do: the concept, the food, the shows. That takes a lot. But then the question is: How do we maximize our return on investment?

Having all the data at our fingertips brings focus. It enables us to define actionable goals and make sure everyone is on the same page. Take our data-driven upsell-challenges for example [such as our famous Moët & Chandon challenge]: we see a 15% spike in sales and our employees receive rewards and recognition from their peers and managers. It’s a win-win.”


Personal note

“YourBI has embarked on a great growth journey since we first met 5 years ago. They keep delivering and they keep innovating.

We wouldn’t be here data-wise if it weren’t for them.”

- Jordi van der Geest, Chief Financial Officer @ Harbour Group

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