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Lebkov & Sons is a family-owned hospitality concept with 8 locations.

They serve organic lunches and make amazing coffee, but what really sets them apart is their relentless dedication to a better world.

We admire them because they're not talking the talk, they're walking the walk.

And although their search for ethically and sustainably sourced ingredients doesn't come cheap, they're committed to fair and reasonable pricing. This means they need to run a tight ship.

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"How can we align demand and supply and keep waste to a minimum while we scale the family business?"

Lebkov & Sons | Amsterdam Zuidas
Lebkov & Sons | Utrecht Centraal


Based on integrations with 3 operational software systems, we've created dashboards with a strong focus on just-in-time restaurant management. 

Our sales and purchase dashboards give restaurant managers clear answers to simple questions: 

How many sandwiches and juices do we need to prep per day? 

How much of each ingredient do we need to order per delivery? 

In addition to this they enable the higher management to keep an eye on the bigger picture: Which main ingredients display large price fluctuations? 

How can we optimize our menu mix? 

How can we optimize our pricing?

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"I've started this journey with a strong sense of how data-driven decision-making would look like for Lebkov. 

During the implementation process, YourBI and I have collaborated closely to make this vision come to life. 

Two years later, using the dashboards has become an integral part of our daily operations."

De Beren

Personal Note

“For me, having all insights in one place means that I can monitor the operation and take corrective action when needed. 

This gives me more control and ultimately peace of mind." 

- Eva Akkerhuis, Chief Technology & Data Officer @ Lebkov & Sons

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