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De Beren

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YourBI De Beren Business Intelligence
YourBI De Beren Datagedreven Werken
YourBI De Beren Data
YourBI De Beren Datagedreven Werken


De Beren is a franchise organisation with 48 restaurants and 33 delivery restaurants.

They're famous for their ability to reinvent themselves. The only constant? Their great food.



"How can we achieve operational excellence, increase our sales and lower our labour and purchase costs?"


Based on integrations with 8 operational and financial software systems, we've created concept-specific sales, labour and purchase dashboard modules: 

  • The sales module is geared towards increasing the average spend. 

  • The labour module is geared towards optimizing productivity. 

  • The purchase module is geared towards reducing waste. 

We admire De Beren for being the most data-driven organisation we work with. The following stats say it all: 

100+ active users per month and 8000+ unique login sessions per month. 

With users logging in two to three times a day on average, De Beren is not only putting in the work but also reaping the results of data-driven decision-making.

YourBI De Beren Business Intelligence
YourBI De Beren Data


“After a widely supported software implementation phase, the franchise organization has shifted swiftly from a backward-looking, emotion-driven governance model to a forward-looking, data-driven governance model. Within this context, we work hand in hand with our franchisees to get the best out of their operations. 

By using the Labour dashboard module, and more specifically the Schedule Forecasting tool we have been able to lower our labour costs with 3-4% across the board between the end of 2022 and the end of 2023. Also, by using the Purchase dashboard module we have been able to lower our purchase costs with 3% across the board over the same period. 

From a strategic point of view, our greatest accomplishment is the shift toward data-driven decision-making. Next year, we plan to double down: According to our 2024 Strategy Plan “95% of the decisions that impact our brand are to be based on strategic data insights.”


Personal note

“As a hospitality professional, I soon found myself in a data-driven hospitality universe where endless opportunities abound. 

The collaboration with YourBI enables us as a company and me as an individual to reap these opportunities. Not only do our partners at YourBI offer great solutions – such as a hospitality-specific datamodel and concept-specific dashboards – they also offer great advice. It is this very combination that enables our organisation to increase profits and me to develop professionally within De Beren and the Dutch hospitality industry.” 

- Kevin Leusink, Manager Business Intelligence & Control @ De Beren

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