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Leading in hospitality intelligence

YourBI is the driving force behind the adoption of data-driven decision-making in the hospitality industry. Our business intelligence and intelligent workflow software enables our customers to a) track guest behavior and sales activities across channels, b) link sales activities to related labor and purchase activities and c) align operational and financial data.

Our success stories

Whatever your goal is, we've got you covered.

The Harbour Club
The Harbour Club

Fine dining I Focus on sales
15% upsell increase in 2023

De Beren
De Beren

Casual dining I Focus on costs
3% labour cost decrease in 2023
3% purchase cost decrease in 2023

Lebkov & Sons
Lebkov & Sons

Fastservice I Focus on sustainability
1500 less F&B shipments due to just-in-time inventory management in 2023

Our upcoming events
Independent Hotel Show Amsterdam

Our past events
Hotel of the Future

On the 14th of November we organized the Hotel of the Future event together with AFAS, Eijsink and Mews.

Interested in our vision on data-driven decision-making in the hospitality industry? Watch here the aftermovie.


Our Customers

We service a wide range of concepts ranging from hotels and resorts to fine dining, casual dining and fast service restaurant chains.

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