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Meyer Horeca Group is a hospitality group with a large portfolio of concepts, ranging from casual dining restaurants, to cafés, fastservice restaurants and hotels.

Whilst they currently own and manage 65 locations, they're always on the lookout for the next great acquisition opportunity.

We admire Meyer Horeca Group because they have a long-term vision. They know where the hospitality industry is coming from, and they know where it's going. They know when to diversify and when to consolidate. Time takes on a new meaning whenever we talk to them.

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"How can we monitor our operations across the board?"

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We've created a management hub with different dashboard modules for users with different needs:

  • Operational dashboards for the management of casual dining concepts.

  • Operational dashboards for the management of fastservice concepts.

  • Branch comparison dashboards for the higher management.

  • Finance dashboards for the finance department.

  • F&B dashboards for the F&B department.

  • HR dashboards for the HR department.

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Over the past three years, we have made a really special journey together with YourBI.

Our company culture has changed a lot: we no longer act based on gut feelings, but we use data and business intelligence to support our business decisions.

We see this journey as only the beginning of a long yet rewarding path to a completely data-driven future!

- Jeroen Verhoeven, CFO at Meyer Horeca Group

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